CONSULTATION (Paint/Staging): $300

Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesign will provide either a walk through or Virtual consultation with the client and advise them of all that’s needed in order for things to go as planned, for the Sale/Redesign of their Home or Business. Also Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesigns specializes in helping clients choose the PERFECT paint colors from hundreds of colors within the Benjamin Moore Fan Deck System also including the virtualizer app to virtually Paint the interior wall space so your able to see and know exactly which color to use for your Home/Business. All for an affordable price.

STAGING: (Silver/Gold/Platinum)

Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesign provides Professional staging for Homes and Businesses with a variety of styles covering; Showcasing, Modern Staging, Contemporary Staging, Vacant / Occupied Home Staging, Luxury Home Staging and Business Staging for Offices/Salons..

REDESIGN (Home/Office)

Are you feeling like now is the time for a change with your current Home or Business space and looking for a fresh new look, but don’t know which direction to take. Maybe you’d like to style a Brand New Home or Business and have a vision but not sure how to execute it! Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesigns would be honored to work with you and put your design Plan into action based on your personality, characteristics, and the things that bring happiness and Joy into your life.


Want a new look for your Home/Business but don’t have the slightest idea or clue on which direction you should go in, where to start, or just don’t even have the time! Avoid the stress of doing it yourself, Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesign will put together a few visual Decorative packages with some of the most Beautiful, Unique Or extravagant pieces you can choose from and Angelically passionate will go do the shopping for you


Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesign does not only just relieve the stress of you having to go do your own shopping, but will also do the installation of your New items or Maybe you have just completed Your own shopping but now you’re stuck on where everything should go! NO WORRIES Angelically Passionate would Love to come install you beautiful pieces in their perfect spots for an UNBEATABLE price.


Angelically Passionate knows that your personal space tells a lot about you, Let me bring your true inner self out into your home by designing your drapery, Curtains, Pillows, Cushions, Table Runners, or Place Mats. You can order customized individual items or you can order customize bundle packages. Allow Angelically Passionate Staging and Redesign to make a HUGE IMPACT on your Home and have your guest in amazement.

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